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Ideas for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party


At a loss for ideas on your little one’s next birthday party? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! With our extensive range of party toys and gifts, it’s sure to be a birthday for the books!

Throw a unicorn party

In recent years, unicorn parties have become a staple to have at least once in your life! We have unicorn themed arts & crafts kits to explore creativity and imagination, lay out the kits across a party table, and let the kids get to crafting! Complete with paint, posters and glitter, the party will be alight with magical creatures in no time! 

Spoil them with our pre-packed unicorn party packs to take the magic home. Complete your party with pastel colours, lots of glitter and unicorn horns, and you’ll have a unicorn party to rival all others! 


Create the classic superhero party

Who doesn’t love superheroes? Epic saviours of your favourite fictional cities. With our pre-packed superhero party packs, your little ones are sure to have a rip-roaring time with planes, masks and more! Paired with our superhero colouring and activity books, you won’t need to light up the bat signal anytime soon! (Fear not, there is no Kryptonite in our party packs!)


Have an arts & crafts extravaganza!

Create wonderful memories alongside some fun crafts! Have fun in the sun with our tie dye kit, squash slimes and make satisfying sensory pieces with our slime kit, or travel back to the prehistoric age with our dinosaur paint kit! There are endless theme options with our vast range of arts and crafts.


Throw a sensory soiree

Sensory is a fantastic way to allow your child and their friends to explore their senses and play with textures and sounds! Have fun time-based activities, become an orchestra of bells with our musical bell set, and introduce STEM concepts with our crazy putty set! Learn and explore the senses.


Lounge at a lūʻau

Now that Summer is around the corner, a lūʻau is a great theme for the warmer months. Sip refreshing beverages from our coconut cups and relax with a lei! Imagine you’re on a beach in Hawaii! Complete with fresh fruit platters, a pinata and some outdoor games, this one is sure to feel like a ‘stay-cation!’


Kit them out with kites!

Great weather? It’s the perfect time for our DIY kite kits! Lay them outside and let the kids go wild with designs that they can exhibit in the air! Learn to fly a kite and create memories with this fun kit.

And there you have it! A few fun ideas for your next birthday party! With The Twiddlers, there’s never a dull moment or lack of creativity! Browse our range for more ideas!

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