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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Lasting Memories with the Holding Hands Casting Kit


Creating a personal piece of art can be a fun and meaningful activity, especially when it captures something as intimate as the bond between loved ones. Our Holding Hands Casting Kit allows you to preserve a moment in time with a unique keepsake you can cherish forever. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use the kit, complete with top tips to ensure your cast turns out perfectly.


Getting Prepared


Top Tips for Preparation


  1. Find Your Pose: Before mixing any materials, decide how you want your hands to be positioned. Use a low surface to rest comfortably as the process will take about 10-15 minutes of stillness.

  2. Quick Set-Up: Remember, the alginate setting process is fast! You have about 90 seconds after mixing before it starts to set, so be ready to move quickly.

  3. Stay Still: Once your hands are in the mixture, keep them steady. Any movement could affect the mould's quality.

  4. Safe Disposal: After you’re done, don’t pour the leftover materials down the sink. Let it harden and dispose of it in the trash to avoid plumbing issues.


Practice Run


It's a good idea to do a test cast to get a feel for the material:

  • Mix 30g of alginate powder with 120ml of water, submerge a finger, and keep it still for 5 minutes.
  • Create a secondary mix of gypsum and water to fill the finger mould and let it set for four hours.

This practice run will help you master the mixing and setting times before you make a full hand cast.


Making the Full Cast


Setup and Mixing


  1. Prepare Your Space: Choose an area easy to clean as things might get a bit messy. Read all the instructions beforehand and ensure you have all the necessary components laid out.

  2. Mixing the Alginate: Add water to the bucket (room temperature is best) and mix in the alginate powder vigorously for up to 90 seconds. Aim for a smooth, lump-free mixture that turns pink.


Creating the Mould


  1. Hand Positioning: Lubricate your hands slightly and then submerge them into the bucket in the desired pose. Be sure to keep your hands centred and slightly raised from the bottom.

  2. Setting Time: Hold your pose for about 10-15 minutes, during which the mixture will change from pink to white as it hardens.

  3. Removing Your Hands: Once set, carefully remove your hands to avoid damaging the mould.


Casting the Final Piece


  1. Prepare the Gypsum: Mix the gypsum powder with water until it reaches a runny consistency. Pour this into the mould, ensuring it fills completely and settles evenly to avoid air bubbles.

  2. Final Set: Allow the cast to dry in the mould for about four hours. Be gentle when removing it to prevent any breaks.


Finishing Touches


  1. Post-Processing: Let your new cast dry further for 36-72 hours. If you spot any air bubbles, smooth them out with sandpaper and consider adding a layer of paint for a professional finish.


Using the Holding Hands Casting Kit is a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones while creating a lasting memento. Whether it’s a fun family activity or part of a special celebration, the end result is a beautiful sculpture that holds a piece of your heart.

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