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Top 5 Most Unique Christmas Tree Decorations


It’s once again getting to that time of year, and love it or hate it, it’s unlikely you’re that much of a scrooge that you won’t be decorating at all. Admittedly, Christmas can feel a bit predictable. The same old decorations, the same songs on repeat. Some people delight in this repetition, but others, not so much. One way you can freshen up your Christmas experience is to switch things up with your festive decor. That’s why we’ve created this handy little guide of the ‘Top 5 Most Unique Christmas Tree Decorations’. 


Think Outside The Box

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Twiddlers unique Christmas tree decorations, from clear fillable baubles that are fun to customise (or filled with alcohol) to paint your own nutcrackers and Christmas train sets. Let’s take a look and see what we’ve got...


    1. Nutcrackers.

      A traditional Xmas decoration with a twist, we’ve actually got a wide variety of nutcrackers in several festive colours. We even have paint your own options and some that are 4 ft high! Some hang like baubles and others look great positioned at the foot of the tree. The Nutcracker is a Christmas classic so it only makes sense to incorporate a bit of that whimsy into your festive decor!

    2. Toy Trains.

      Lots of people tend to focus on simply hanging tinsel or baubles on their tree, but have you thought of decorating under your tree? Sure, traditionally presents would be placed under the tree. However, you’ve got two options with this fun idea - either weave the train track in and out of the presents or create a loop going around the base of the tree and place the presents somewhere else/towards the back.

      Pick from electronic or traditional wooden train sets!

    3. Customisable Baubles.

      Our clear fillable baubles are perfect for creating personalised Christmas tree decorations this year. They’re easy to open and can be filled with any number of exciting or personal items from glitter and feathers to keepsakes, momentos, scrabble cubes spelling out your name - whatever takes your fancy!

    4. Rustic Wooden Baubles.

      If you want to steer away from plastic and go more au natural this year, then our rustic wooden baubles are perfect! Additionally, they can be painted or etched with a design of your choosing. They’re also great for pyrography! Complete the rustic vibe by hanging them or natural jute twine.

    5. Plush Elves.

      It may have never occurred to you, but these little guys can make fun decorations that never fail to make everyone giggle! Hide them between the branches of your Christmas tree with only a small part peaking out, or come up with other creative ways to display them, such as swinging off tinsel garlands or climbing up to the star or angel on top.


Whatever you decide to do this year with your Christmas tree decorations, we hope you have a very merry time indeed. Be sure to check out some of our other seasonal blog posts and our Twiddlers Christmas range for all your festive needs!



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