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The Best Christmas Decorations on a Budget


Making a house a home comes down to the amount of love and effort that goes into it, and it’s much the same with Christmas. You don’t need to break the bank to make this time of year special, and you certainly don’t need to go crazy spending tonnes of money on decorations when there are so many great things out there that are now available on any budget. Working with a budget doesn’t have to mean scrimping either! It’s a license to get a little creative and think outside the box a bit more.


Let the Fun Begin!

We’ve compiled a list of some fantastic festive Twiddlers products that make great Christmas decorations when on a budget:


Window Stickers

A simple way to get your Christmas decorations underway is with window stickers. These are made from glass-friendly material and adhesive so won’t ruin your windows in any way, but they will make them look a bazillion times more festive!


Fake Snow 

The ultimate way to ensure a truly spectacular Christmas is to cover everything in fake snow. Ours is not only great value for money, but you can also change the consistency to fit your preferences depending on how much or how little water you mix in.



Artificial Tree 4ft, 5ft, 6ft

Some may frown upon the use of artificial Xmas trees and their environmental impact, but if used for extended periods of time (i.e. year after year) then the carbon footprint typically works out to more or less the same. Additionally, most people find artificial trees way more cost-effective, let alone less messy!

Psst...we also sell handy Xmas tree storage bags



A classic budget-friendly addition to any Xmas decor, where would we be without tinsel? Twiddlers sells it in double packs of festive colours (red and green) at 50 “ in length each.


Tree Skirt 

If you’ve been pondering how to jazz up that ugly tree base, then look no further! Our tree skirts are perfect for covering the unsightly bit of Xmas tree while jazzing up and further festifying your home.


Giant Foil Garlands

Right up there with the tinsel is another iconic Xmas decoration - foil garlands. Cheap to come by, easy to string up, where can you go wrong?



Everybody loves a good wreath for the holidays! We may be a bit biased, but ours is pretty great. Plus you get plenty of bang for your buck. The Twiddlers wreath comes with a frosted snow effect and is decorated with pops of bright red winter berries and pine cones.

Grab a wreath storage bag for your Xmas wreath.

Mini Presents 

These cute (fake) mini presents are the perfect little accessories to take your festive decorating up a notch! Hang them from your tree, decorate your fireplace with them, or scatter them across the dining table.

Hanging Ceiling Streamers 

Leave no corner (or ceiling) unturned when bringing your A-game to Xmas festivities! Most people neglect to decorate their ceilings and boy are they missing a trick. You can transform your living room into your very own Santa’s Grotto with a pack of these babies.


Cutlery Stockings 

A fun addition to any table, these cute cutlery stockings fit your knife and fork snugly inside and look just darn adorable!

We hope you found our guide to Christmas decorations on a budget useful and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Share the love by recommending Twiddlers to a friend and sign up to our newsletter for more fun seasonal ideas!

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