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Keeping The Little Ones Safe This Halloween


The kids love Halloween. What’s more fun than dressing up in a costume and taking sweets from every house on the block? Nothing. With a whole lot of fun, comes a whole lot of danger, and we want to make sure that while your children are having a great time this Halloween, that they’re also safe and sound. Check out our tips below for keeping your child as safe as possible.

Be seen

If you aren’t going to be out and about with your child at night, make sure that they will be seen by others, bikes and cars. Reflective tape works well on jack ‘o lantern buckets, edges of costumes and on headbands.

Opt for face paint instead of masks

Masks can clutter vision, and let’s be honest, they get a bit irritating after a while. Using non-toxic face paint makes for a safer and more long-term solution.

Trick or treat in groups

Never go out trick or treating alone. Not only is it not very fun, it’s also quite dangerous. Ensure that your child is in a group of friends, with an adult or teen present to make sure that everyone is having fun in a safe manner.

Ensure that they stay alert

Keep use of phones to a minimum, look over the road to ensure that there are no cars or bikes before crossing. Teach them what to do if they feel as though they are being followed. Let them know not to break off from the group that they are in.

For the tech savvy

If you’re tech savvy, give your child your apple watch/smart watch to wear for the evening - this allows you to track them on Find My iPhone/Life360 and ensure that they’re where you can see them and go to them at a moments notice.

And that is our top 5 tips! Of course, there are many more things to consider when it comes to safety around this time of the year, however, if you’re worried that they might not be ok on their own, we’re sure they’d love it if you tag along and participate with them (maybe not the teenagers though.)


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