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Creating Cherished Christmas Traditions


Do you have little ones? Are you starting a family soon? A great way to celebrate a growing family during the festive season is to start and continue cherished traditions. Each year, these are the traditions that make Christmas feel like Christmas. As an adult, Christmas often doesn’t feel as festive as it once did. Christmas traditions are a way to introduce that child-like wonder into each year’s Christmas festivities.

Christmas is about making memories with the ones you love, and Christmas traditions are the perfect way to do this. Depending on your faith, country of origin and cultural background, your traditions will vary. Let’s have a look at a couple of ideas of traditions that you can start this Christmas.

Bake Christmas cookies as a family

There’s no better Christmas activity than throwing flour at one another, having a cookie decorating contest or enjoying the fruits of your labours by eating the cookies and leaving some out for Father Christmas.

Collect a special type of ornament for your tree each year

Associate each year with a themed ornament that is either made by each family member or if you have one child, collect a specific ornament for each year to gift to them when they move out. They’re a great way to cultivate memories that will last a lifetime.

Count down to Christmas with an advent calendar

Extend the excitement of Christmas with an advent calendar - who doesn’t love a small present every day for a month! Kids love this, and it helps them to stay patient while waiting for Father Christmas. Fill it up with chocolates, small toys and more.

Have a Christmas movie marathon

Build a festive pillow fort complete with fairy lights, pull on your fuzziest socks and watch one movie per family member - everyone wins by getting to pick the Christmas movie they’d like to watch.

Craft wreaths together

Decorating the house and making it festive is a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit. But it’s even more fun to make memories while crafting wreaths from store-bought flowers or even things that you’ve found outside!

Build a huge puzzle

Time consuming, cozy with a cup of hot chocolate and cultivates conversation. Put down the devices and build a good old fashioned puzzle.

Do elf on the shelf

The kids love this one! Looking forward to seeing each morning what those mischievous elves are up to next! Some mums and dads have come up with some really great ideas, check them out on Pinterest for some inspiration if you’re lost on what to do with them!

And that’s a few suggestions from us on Christmas traditions to start with your family. There are millions of ideas you can adopt as traditions, but we encourage you to choose one or two that you know your family will look forward to each and every year.

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